Shifu Gianni de Nittis is nowadays one of the few Kung Fu masters that are at the same time Kung Fu practioners and scholars. Sifu tesseraHe does not focus only on technical aspects, but on historical and philosophical aspects as well (including Taoism and Chan Buddhism).


Many years of hard work, serious commitment and long travels explain in part why he is now the descendant of worldwide renown kung fu masters practicing many different styles. Descendance is a privilege traditionally reserved to very few disciples capable of proving their ethical and martial value (德).

GM Sun Zhi Jun’s calligraphy

Shifu Gianni De Nittis has been closed doors disciple of Master Cheng Li Shen (Mizong quan, Bei Shaolin), and is currently official descendant of the following Grand Masters : Li Siu Hung brother of Grand Master Lee Koon Hung (Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut, Bak Siu Lam, Fu Taiji Quan), Chan Shun Ming (Buck SIng Choy Lay Fut), Eddie Chong (Futshan Bak Mei, Pan Nam e Yip Man Wing Chun), , Sun Zhi Jun (Baguazhang e Xing Yi Quan), Wang De Ming ( Hua Quan, Cha Quan, Baguazhang, Xing Yi Quan, Pigua quan, Baji Quan), Y.C. Wong (Hung Gar, I Chuan, ), Cao Feng-Shan (Taiji Quan stile Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun), Lai Chun Wah (Chow Gar Mantis, Hung Kuen, Choy Lay Fut, Wing Chun, Taiji Mantis, Northern Mantis) .

The Wu Wei Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Association was founded by Shifu Gianni de Nittis in 1997. The association is located in Parma (Italy) where Shifu de Nittis lives and meets with internationally renowned Kung Fu masters with the purpose of divulging traditional Kung Fu. Shifu de Nittis is a cognitive-behavioralist psychologist. He has been working for years on the clinical and therapeutical aspects of Kung Fu and Taiji Quan.

“Kung Fu aims at the cultivation of the self (inner self) and in order to realize the true self, a practitioner of Kung Fu without depending on others’ lives.

Since he is self-sufficient, can not be afraid not to be estimated.

A practitioner of Kung Fu is dedicated to this self-sufficiency, and does not depend on one’s happiness from scrutiny by others.

A Master of Kung Fu, unlike the beginner, it maintains the reserve, is quiet and modest, without the slightest desire to show off. Under the influence of the practice of kung fu his ability becomes spiritual, and he himself, thanks to more and more free spiritual battle turns. To him fame and status do not say anything.

A good practitioner of kung fu is not at all proud. There is fear and insecurity in pride, because when it seeks to be highly esteemed, and manages to achieve this condition, automatically is overwhelmed by fear of losing it. The protection appears to him of his status as the most important need, and what is the cause of anxiety. “

(Il Tao del Kung Fu) Lee Siu Long

Shifu today continues the challenging task of keeping in place and to explore the ancient tradition of chinese Kung Fu, devoting himself to the improvement and continuous study of art and therefore the teaching and dissemination with love and passion. “I believe that every good teacher is all the greater because the student is more alive in him, the larger the devotion and respect for the old and lives in his art. “

Shifu de Nittis

“We can choose what we sow, but we are forced to reap what we planted.”

Taoist proverb

If you understand, things are as they are. If you do not understand, things are as they are.

Zen proverb


Educational Material published by Shifu Gianni de Nittis.

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