Kung Fu Family

The course of Kung Fu for families, unique in its genre, has been created by Shifu to provide an opportunity for parents and children to share the training, taking care of each other in harmony.

“Kung Fu family” is a moment of deep experiential and intrasubject sharing between parents and children.

Thanks to single and in pairs movements and also to the philosophic-training component typical of the traditional martial art, the dyad parent – son will find a point of union, comparison and knowledge through new channels of communication.

In the field of study and analytic psychology research and even more in the neuroscience, it is known that martial arts have special therapeutic virtues, in relation to an improvement of personality development, a reinforcement of the ego and a better stress management, an improvement of the coping knowledge, decrease of hostility, anger and feelings of vulnerability to attack. The practice encourage also an improvement of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-control.


Kung Fu thought by Shifu de Nittis, through exercises specifically studied, codified and adapted, individual exercises or in pairs, allows a better awareness of your body and mind. Furthermore it teaches to observe, perceive and listen the other individual. The calm and stimulating atmosphere, free of competition, favours the relaxation of body and the decreasing of hostility, promotes calm, develops the management of emotions, the self-control and reinforces the group. In this context families can find incitements and useful techniques to face everyday life with serenity.