Physical and Functional training

In the traditional Kung Fu, the concept of “balance” is expressed as a harmonious interaction between the Yi (mind), Qi (energy), Shen (spirit).

Harmonious development of body and of the potential physical and mental health will lead the practitioner to not only improve athletic performance, but also mental abilities, energy and breathing. Also do not underestimate the difficulty often the physical point of view of martial arts practice, and thus the likely injuries generated by poor execution, not only technical but also from excessive stress groups muscle / tendon. An adequate physical preparation is also important to prevent problems of this type, as well as type of trauma.


Shifu de Nittis and prof. Mauro Riccò (mauro.ricco @, international technical (level III) of gymnastics and fitness coach of various sports, have prepared a learning process of the principles, methodologies, tools and instruments more effective to achieve the goals of the students. By using the preparation in physical education, sport science combined with modern and traditional chinese martial arts, have developed a series of circuits functional training can improve physical and athletic performance of practicing Wu Wei school.

It is not true that everything works and then be tested, there are sequences of actions that work better than others. For this reason it is a “broken” subject to constant adjustments depending on how the practitioner responds and evolves during training.

The weight training is limited to conventional linear increments of force as a result of the added load. Unconventional training methods such as kettlebel, the clubs, naval ropes, bricks, sand, water pipe, running with elastic and others, produce exponential increases in functional strength, more power and flexibility of muscle tone, improvement of ‘dynamic equilibrium , resistance etc. ..The road just described is dynamic and innovative not only for the traditional martial art but also for anyone who comes near to the fighting sports.